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SkillGrower brings thousands of math exercises to your fingertips. Give your child the opportunity to practice math anywhere, anytime. You can also track your child’s development with your own app.

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Did you know?

Traditionally, learning math is challenging, needs adult support, and may feel boring for the child. The SkillGrower app makes training easy, bringing joy and playfulness to math while improving self-esteem with actual learning results.

The joy of learning

On average, a single user completes significantly more questions compared to traditional textbook questions. The exercises of the application are at least at the level of a textbook.


By doing tasks your child will collect credits within the app. A thousand credits equals about one effective working hour. Motivate your child with a small prize, and see how learning outcomes start to rise!

There is plenty to do

The application already has more than 21,000 exercises. There are an average of 2,250 exercises for each year course and there’s more to come with updates!

How to get started

  1. Register for the service using the sign up method you want
  2. The free 2-week trial period starts automatically. No payment information is required.
  3. The service provides instructions on how to use the application for your child
  4. Track your child’s development from the service.
  5. Once the trial period is over, you can decide whether or not to continue using the service.