Improve your math grades with SkillGrower

In just three weeks, your math grades improve by an average of 0.5 (+12%) and for some, even by four grades! It’s a more effective, fun, and rewarding way to study math. SkillGrower works on all devices.


SkillGrower for all devices

Starting from
Subscription includes
  • Thousands of questions for each grade throughout elementary and high school
  • Easily accessible on all devices
  • Track your child's progress with their own app
  • Family plan starting from $13.33 / month

Increase the joy of learning

SkillGrower app makes training easy with gamification and artificial intelligence. Everyone gets assignments tailored to their own skills and practice is rewarding.

500%+ efficiency

Students do a multiple number of tasks with SkillGrower compared to other solutions because of its effectiveness and motivating practicing is.

Easy motivation

Your child collects credits for the practice. You can easily agree on a prize that motivates your child to start learning. 3,000 credits equals about one effective hour of study.

Nothing else needed

SkillGrower has thousands of assignments for each grade throughout elementary and high school. Everything that is taught in school can be found from us!

How to get started

  1. Register for the service using the sign up method you want.
  2. The free 2-week trial period starts automatically. No payment information is required.
  3. The service provides instructions on how to use the application for your child.
  4. Track your child’s development from the service.
  5. Once the trial period is over you can decide whether or not to continue using the service.