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SkillGrower is a comprehensive math solution created by Finnish teachers. It is the preferred learning method for teachers and students alike in-class and remotely.
With SkillGrower students do up to 500% more exercises than with a textbook. You will not run out of questions, as it contains more than 25,000 hand-made exercises as well as theory sections covering the entire curriculum.
Tools that help you focus on teaching
By enhancing the teaching of theory, handing appropriate assignments and reviewing homework automatically - you will have more time for teaching and effective practice.
You can monitor students' progress, for example, by course, topic or day and thus ease assessment work. With SkillGrower you can help every student succeed!
We were supposed to have one lesson of math, but my class didn’t want to stop even after 2 hours.-Ulla-Mari, Teacher
During a semester my class did over 60,000 questions, over 2,100 per student on average. Skillgrower works for everyone!-Miikka, Teacher
Finally something that is simple to use and actually works.-Anonymous, Teacher
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SkillGrower is very easy to use. You don't need any training, and can get started in just 5 minutes. Your students will be learning your desired content in only 1-2 minutes after that!
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