When you want to hone your students' math skills to perfection.

Try out SkillGrower, a super-easy math learning system from Finland for Years 1-12!

SkillGrower is a learning application developed by math teachers for Years 1 to 12. It is a highly regarded solution for teachers and students in classroom and distance learning all over Finland.

Skillgrower makes learning easy. As a teacher you are able to constantly monitor at your students progress. You can choose topics for students to practice, teach theory and give automatically graded homework – all from the same place with just a few clicks.

Effective learning for students and teachers

With SkillGrower, students do up to 500% more exercises than with a textbook. You will not run out of questions, as it contains more than 25,000 hand-made exercises as well as theory sections covering the entire curriculum.

By enhancing the teaching of theory, handing appropriate assignments and reviewing homework automatically - you will have more time for teaching and effective practice. You can monitor students' progress, for example, by course, topic or day and thus ease assessment work. With SkillGrower you can help every student succeed!

more exercises than with a textbook
to get started. Remotely, no training needed
+25 000
exercises, covering the the entire math curriculum

Start today

We offer a free trial of SkillGrower to teachers and schools.

The application is very easy to use. Starting takes on average less than 5 minutes from the teacher, remotely without training. Students are doing their first assignments in just a few minutes!

Here's how to get SkillGrower up and running today

  1. Send us an e-mail to info@skillgrower.com.
  2. We will send you an activation code and instructions by e-mail + video.
  3. Create student groups and select courses to study.
  4. Distribute the student group enrollment key to the students and track the learning outcomes.


Contact info@skillgrower.com to learn more!